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Check whether your appliance has a serial number from the following list of potentially affected batches (the model and serial number can be found inside the door of your dryer as shown in the diagram). It looks like they have just picked out 6 unique serial numbers which makes no sense.

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Unfortunately a safety notice has just been issued for another domestic appliance with a potential fire risk. White Knht say one of the electrical connectors fitted to 1800 White Knht Condenser dryers (built in Oct 2010) has been discovered to be sub standard, and can potentially lead to overheating of the appliance.

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However, the affected dryers are supposed to have been made in 2010 so if you bought yours much later than that it shouldn’t be affected.

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They are warning it could create a potential fire hazard. then it still needs to fall within the ranges listed to be affected.

White knight tumble dryer 767c manual:

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