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Procedures Manual - Service Alberta

The United Church of Canada came about as a result of the amalgamation of Presbyterian and Methodist churches.

Congregation Organization Handbook 2006 - Harriston United

The UCC is a snificant player in Canada's relious community, boasting 500,000 members in 2009 (but down from 3-million in 1991 census) in 3,300 congregations and an army of some 3,700 ordained ministers.

Policies and Procedures <u>Manual</u> - First-St. Andrew's

Trustees Handbook/Manual - The United Church

This receives some $400-million annually in givings, or about $120,000 per congregation.

Church Property Matters in Congregations

Culminating in 1925, the amalgamation or covenant, as it was then ed, was made official by legislation in the Parliament of Canada and the legislatures of various provinces.

United church of canada manual trustees:

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