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SONY54186_VPL 3/20/08 PM Page 3VPL-EW5VPL-EX50VPL-EX5VPL-ES5Entry-level Data Projectors SONY54186_VPL 3/20/08 PM Page 2 Brht, Stylish, and Easy to Use – the Affordable VPL-E Series of Data Projectors is an Excellent Choice for Both Education and Business Sony’s VPL-E Series data projectors are extremely affordable and ideal for a number of applications, especially in education and business.

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Capable of projecting hh-quality images, SONY54186_VPL 3/20/08 PM Page 3 ✜ Unique Body Desn ✜ Other Features The VPL-E Series adopts a unique desn with a body • Monitor output shape that broadens towards the front.

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Vpl-ex50 way example for budding astrophysicists, given the number of sources reporting this rumor and the occasional Mac Book Air discount at retailers such as Best Buy?

Sony sga vpl-ex50 manual:

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