Rival cff5 chocolate fondue fountain manual

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Chocolate fondue fountains (and mini-chocolate fountains) are really easy to use, but you’ll definitely want to use our delicious no oil needed, Belgian style Chocoley Just Melt It! This is the reservoir for the chocolate and is ed the Base Bowl.

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The size of the Base Bowl will determine the maximum capacity of chocolate the fountain will hold. This part attaches to the Base Bowl, often just sitting on three pins and stands straht up and down from the center of the Base Bowl.

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These chocolate fountain assembly instructions apply to most major brands. Start with the base, which has a bowl sitting on top.

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You will later add chocolate to the Base Bowl to fill the fountain, while the fountain is not operating. Some fountains have an Auger Tube that is two or even three pieces which need to be locked together first to create one long tube. The Tiers come next; typiy there are 2 or 3, along with the top tier, which is ed the Crown.

Rival cff5 chocolate fondue fountain manual:

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