Planet waves chromatic tuner manual

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Compact Chromatic Tuners for Sale in Canada - Long &

The clip has a steel spring and it is pivoted at the other end of the tuner with two eyelets and a miniature metal tube across both of them functioning as a bearing.

D'addario Planet Waves Chromatic Headstock

It works with electric and acoustic instruments, including bass or all kinds of bowed ones.

Accessories -

Planet Waves PW-CT-12 NS Micro Headstock Tuner

The sensor is at the bottom of the tuner, as well as the battery, which is a 3V CR2032 type Lithium/manganese dioxide button cell.

Planet Waves NS Micro Headstock Guitar

It has a clip made of the same material, with a thin rubber pad at the end to lean against your headstock (or any part of your instrument you are able to clip it onto).

Planet waves chromatic tuner manual:

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