Owners manual for 2006 cadillac srx

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Question type: Maintenance & Repair I have 235/65R 17 tires on the front and 255/60R 17 on the rear , from the factory . The dealer said he would stand behind Michelins warranty but I had to replace all four at a cost of $625. I said BS , the fronts are fine , but he would only change all four under warranty . I checked the owners manual and you need the same size tires front and back.

Cadillac Owners Manual

If you mix tires of different sizes, brands or types (radial and bias-belted tires), the vehicle may not handle properly, and you could have a crash.

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You can only do this when the tires are all the same size.

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My question is , can I put the same size tire on the rear as the front with no damage ? The dealer was an idiot if they gave you two different sized tires.

Owners manual for 2006 cadillac srx:

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