Nissan sentra b13 service manual

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Nissan GA engine - pedia

In the case of a single-initial suffix, the initial indicates induction type.

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In the code of the engine, the first two initials indicate engine class, the two numbers indicate engine displacement (in decilitres), the last two initials indicate cylinder-head style and induction type (D=DOHC, S=carburetor, E=injection).

<u>Nissan</u> GA engine - pedia

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The GA13DS is a DOHC 1.3 litre (1295 cc) engine with a carburetor.


The GA engine is a 1.3 to 1.6 L inline 4 piston engine from Nissan. There are SOHC & DOHC versions, 12 valve & 16 valve versions, carbureted, single-point and multi-point injected versions, and versions with variable valve timing (GA16DE). Since 1998 it was only available from Mexico in the B13.

Nissan sentra b13 service manual:

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