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Facing the music three issues in current research on singing and.

“She ’ni-ni na-na’ed’ her way through the ’cookie theft’ picture, naming, repetition, even through counting and the alphabet, despite relatively preserved auditory comprehension,” Helm-Estabrooks says.

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’ Or she mht point to your bracelet and say, ’ni-ni na-na’ in a complementary fashion to tell you that she liked it.”Helm-Estabrooks was assned to give June the Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination, on which she produced no words whatsoever.

Facing the music three issues in current research on singing and.

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Then, the day after the test, Helm-Estabrooks saw June do something that stopped her in her tracks: With her wheelchair pulled up next to a pianist visiting the unit, June was singing every word of the standards he played.

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All 48-year-old June could say when first seen at the Boston VA hospital months after her left-hemisphere stroke was “ni-ni-na-na.” But the former Army nurse said it with great intonation, says Nancy Helm-Estabrooks, who in 1972 had just begun working on the hospital’s renowned aphasia unit.“If you’ve worked extensively with people with aphasia, you’ve seen this sort of entrenched stereotypy,” Helm-Estabrooks says. ’ She’d express distress with loud versions of ’ni-ni na-na!

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