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Is the new Microsoft Manual of Style for you? Kai's Tech Writing Blog

Provides over 300 pages of advice ranging from grammar, punctuation, and abbreviations to writing for translation, referencing Windows interface elements, and creating indexes.

Microsoft Manual of Style - ClickStart

A print button to print the revised topics would have been useful, but otherwise the Win Help version is a great resource.

<strong>Manual</strong> of <strong>Style</strong> for cal Publications - NAVAIR

Manual of Style for cal Publications - NAVAIR

Also included is a handy list of acronyms, an index, and–best of all–HTML and Win Help versions of the book To be honest, I was most excited about the online versions, so I explored them first.

Microsoft Manual Of Style For cal Publications.

It can be run directly from the CD without installing anything to your PC.

Manual of style for technical:

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