Jabra hands free car kit manual

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Upon unboxing the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth in-car speakerphone, we were taken aback by the device's physical and visual bulk.

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The fabric-covered speaker grille that covers those three speakers takes up about half of the Freeway's top surface area.

<u>Jabra</u> CRUISER Review, 2017 Top Ten Reviews

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Just above the speaker are two buttons mounted flush with the device's chassis that activate the FM modulator and voice command system, and on the leading edge is a large phone button that manually answers and ends s--this is also where you'll find the status LED. Just below the speaker grille are buttons for speaker volume up, volume down, and muting the microphone.

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Here is where you can use the included Micro-USB cable and 12-volt USB power adapter to charge the device.

Jabra hands free car kit manual:

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