Carrier water source heat pump manual

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Carrier® Aquazone - 1.5 Ton Compact Water Source Heat

This paper presents an examination of heat pump systems in single family Canadian homes from a load matching and grid interaction perspective.

IOM - The Whalen Company

The chassis contains the compressor, indoor and outdoor heat exchangers, condenser motor & fans, ventilation damper, heat damper, and refreration circuit controls.

Owner's <u>Manual</u> - WaterFurnace

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50PCH018ECC3ACC150PCH = Horizontal Confuration Aquazone Compact Water Source Heat Pump018 = 1-1/2 Ton E = Left/Return Rht/Discharge PSC/Blower Motor C = Standard C Microprocessor Control C = Standard Non-Coated Copper Air Coil3 = 208/230-1-60A = Current Revision C = None C = Standard Range (50 to 100 F)1 = None Single-package horizontally and vertiy mounted water source heat pumps (WSHPs) with solid-state controls.

Owner's Manual - WaterFurnace

First, a detailed energy model of a hh performance single family home equipped with a PV array is developed for two Canadian regions (Toronto and Vancouver).

Carrier water source heat pump manual:

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