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Dodge Cummins Automatic To Manual Transmission Conversion Kit.

Okay so I finished the conversion about 4 months ago, so I fured give anyone looking to do this swap a little info on everything I encountered and what i did along the way. you DO NOT need a different flywheel housing, the auto and manual housings are the same. you DO NOT need to change the entire brake pedal assembly out.

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While the early shifter worked okay in the later console, a little bending was necessary to make it look and function within the boots. I wanted to install the BD short shift kit, and it is only offered for the late style 98 shift tower. The gates are super narrow and the throw is less than 6". I hy recommend making sure you get a trans with the 98 top cover, or swap it on, in order tho utilize this neat little gadget.

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The kit installs in less than 10 minutes...least for me, as I had the trans on the bench. The manual output shaft is a larger 29 spline, and your auto uses a smaller 23 spline.

Auto to Manual conversion notes - A - Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum

These notes should pretty well cover everything from 94-97, beyond that there may be subtle differences I do not know about. The auto and manuals share the same support bracket, just get the pedal set and hang it in....shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to convert it. you DO NOT need to retain the main and auxilary trans coolers (I know...duh). Because I wanted the transfer case shifter mounting bosses on the housing like my auto was.

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