Walther p22 manual safety problems

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The Marlin 1895 .45-70 is not only a good solid gun, it feels good in your hands, the balance is excellent and it is made like my 336C was made - rht the first time!

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I can honestly say that the Marlin 1895 is the truly the "companion" gun to my Marlin 336C. I know you don't intend it, but that can be construed to be totally racist and sexist.

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I have always wanted the b-bore Marlin .45-70 for my collection.

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In 2016, for my 65th birthday, my son and daughter took me to a local gun shop and bought me a companion gun for my Marlin 336C. After some quick enhancements, we left the shop for a nearby range.

Walther p22 manual safety problems:

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