Simplex 4004r user manual

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The open SPOT package comes with an AC/USB power supply, an antenna, a USB and an Ethernet cable.

Control Panel controls release of extinguishing agents.

If the ACT LED is unlit, and both the STATUS and MODEM LEDs are blinking fast green, open SPOT is in bootloader mode.

Detectors, Sensors, and Bases Application <i>Manual</i> 574-709 Rev

Detectors, Sensors, and Bases Application Manual 574-709 Rev

These are all you need to operate open SPOT, however, you will need a web browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone for initializing open SPOT settings, but after that, open SPOT can work standalone.

Fire Detection and Alarm - Washington State University

If you reboot open SPOT and the ACT and STATUS LEDs are blinking red by turns, you’ve uploaded a firmware file with an incorrect hardware version.

Simplex 4004r user manual:

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