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Days of Hacking, Day 3 The PS2 -

The PS2 Swap Magic is a set of discs desned to allow you to play your favourite import and backup Playstation 2 games, without a mod chip.

Manual Swap Magic 3.8 CODER Load backup. -

Simply follow our step by step Swap Magic Instructions and you'll be on your way to using your PS2 Swap Magic discs like a pro in just a few minutes.

<strong>Swap</strong> <strong>Magic</strong> Instructions PS2 <strong>Swap</strong> <strong>Magic</strong> -

How to use a Swap Magic 3.8 Coder Disc in a Fat PS2 with KH2FM

The very first step you have to take when using the Swap Magic Discs, is to power up your Playstation 2 console, and insert either the DVD or the CD Version of your Swap Magic discs.

DVD Region X PS2 uk PC & Video Games

The DVD Version of the Swap Magic is used for loading up DVD based backup and import Playstation 2 games, while the CD Version of the Swap Magic is used for booting up CD Based backup or import games.

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