Hi point 995 ts manual

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Shting in the Hi-Point Carbine Moose Knuckle Fly Fishing

It was fun around the camp, banged around the trunk/bed of my car/truck, and the kids even liked shooting it.

Hi-point 995TS Carbine manual - Devicemanuals

As I had at the time an almost unlimited supply of free 9mm Parabellum rounds available through my department, it was a gamble worth taking.

Hi-<em>Point</em> 45 Auto pistol and carbine, self defense on a budget.

The HI Point 995 TS

In the mid-1990s when the orinal (now dubbed the "Classic") Hi-Point M995 carbine came out on the market, I thought it was a prop gun from the old 1968 movie Planet of the Apes. Nevertheless, a local gun shop at the time offered these for $150 with two ten-shot magazines included.

Hi-Point Firearms 9mm Carbine - Black 995TS PRO

It had a nice active safety that could be worked by feel even in the dark (which I like.) The shts were a little over-engineered for my liking but worked well enough to put rounds on paper, as far out at the 9mm ballistics would carry them.

Hi point 995 ts manual:

Rating: 90 / 100

Overall: 98 Rates