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FM 3-21.8 – Chapter 2 – Section VI – Close Air

As: air action by fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft against hostile targets that are in close proximity to friendly forces and that require detailed integration of each air mission with the fire and movement of these forces. Very rarely will an Infantry platoon be directly supported by naval gunfire. This information should provide the best observation and fields of fire into the engagement or target area.

JP 3-09.3 JTTP for Close Air Support CAS

The need for a JTAC should be identified during the planning phase of the mission. Soldiers may provide emergency control if an ALO, FSO, FO, or JTAC is not available (ground force commander accepts responsibility for friendly casualties). Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps fixed-wing aircrafts only have ultra hh frequency (UHF) radios (AV-8B and F-14) (see FM 6-30).

<em>Close</em> Air Solutions Contract <em>Aviation</em> - <em>Close</em>

Good Aviation Practice GAP - Spin Avoidance - Revised 2014

The platoon may provide information that the ALO or tactical air control party (TACP) uses to target enemy forces.

Close Air Solutions Contract Aviation - Close

But if they are, Navy liaison representatives located with supported ground forces coordinate the control of the fire. Request for immediate aviation close fht support – used for targets of opportunity or for ground-to-air target handoff. The attack team leader then provides the ground maneuver unit leader with his concept for the team’s attack on the objective.

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