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The platoon may provide information that the ALO or tactical air control party (TACP) uses to target enemy forces.

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A joint terminal air controller (JTAC) may also be attached to the platoon to facilitate communication.

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FM 3-21.8 – Chapter 2 – Section VI – Close Air

The need for a JTAC should be identified during the planning phase of the mission. Soldiers may provide emergency control if an ALO, FSO, FO, or JTAC is not available (ground force commander accepts responsibility for friendly casualties). Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps fixed-wing aircrafts only have ultra hh frequency (UHF) radios (AV-8B and F-14) (see FM 6-30).

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The ALO serves as a link between the maneuver element and the attacking aircraft. Methods of marking friendly positions are shown in Table 2-10. Ideal friendly marking device for AC-130 and some United States Air Force fixed wing (not compatible with Navy or Marine aircraft). It can play a vital role in reducing the enemy’s capability of action by destroying enemy installations and fortifications before a ground assault, and by protecting and covering the supporting offensive operations of the land force after the assault.

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