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Since I do not speak Russian myself, I do not vouch for it, but I do thank her for her effort and I post this link for those who mht find it useful: ( This Guide is maintained by: Ken Mc Coy, Ph. Professor Creative Arts Department - Theatre Arts Program Stetson University De Land, Florida 32723 Copying is permitted for noncommercial use by academic computer centers, computer conferences, individual scholars, and libraries. Sites were hard to find, search engines were underdeveloped, there were very few theatre people who had taken an interest in, or even knew about the internet. Now the Web is easily accessible through a variety of web browsers, making specific knowledge of such utilities as telnet, ftp, and gopher (remember that one? There are now so many theatre-related sites that keeping a truly comprehensive guide to resources theatre on the internet, compiled and maintained through human intervention, is incredibly time-consuming.

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The area of performance studies is even more of a problem, with its incursions into popular culture, communication studies, and hundreds of other (legitimate! The proliferation of search engines and databases on the web now makes finding a comprehensive listing of links fairly easy for a single user.

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NOTE: The URL for this Guide is now updated: December 2011 NOTE: Galina Miclosic has prepared a Russian translation of this page. In 1993, when I first began to research theatre sites on the internet, it was a difficult and laborious project.

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This edition of my is based on what I have learned as a seeker of information on the internet, which is mainly how to quickly find information and resources in a medium where their sheer quantity is overwhelming.

Boston digital media theater manual download:

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