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You ven get things like the Ultra Beat drum machine.

Logic Express Packs Most of Logic for Less; Apple Adds PDF.

What Express gives you: Express is basiy all of Logic Pro, with all the major effects and instruments, mixing, notation, and stereo output.

Logic Express Packs Most of Logic for Less; Apple Adds PDF.

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(I know Apple competitors reading this are shaking their heads and pointing out that Apple is in the comfortable position of selling pricey computers with b margins, but I think Apple still provides incentive to buy the Studio version without feeling the need to cripple Express.) Nearly everything new in Logic Studio 9 is also in Logic Express 9, which Apple began shipping yesterday.

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Apple Logic 9’s audio editing have been transformed, via a new means of squishing audio around in time (Flex Time) and new editing tools (Bounce in Place, one-step conversion to sliced sampler instruments, drum replacement, the ability to edit in takes, and reorganized contextual menus for regions).

Avid xpress pro manual .pdf:

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