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PINBALL Repair Williams System 11 Pinball 1986-1990, part one

was one of the first pinball machines that my wife and I looked at when we were considering our first pin.

Williams Fire! pinball machine manual - DragonsLairFans

I replaced this transistor and now the 4 remaining flashers work correctly. The leftmost and rhtmost plastics, in addition to having large buildings, allow the ball to roll on them and then fall into the ball lock. The first picture below shows how the rhtmost plastic piece broke into 3 separate pieces.

<b>PINBALL</b> Repair <b>Williams</b> System 11 <b>Pinball</b> 1986-1990, part one

Williams System 6 Pinball Repair and Resources

Ultimately it lost out and we ended up getting an Indiana Jones. A few years later I picked up an iffy quality Fire. While not apparent from the picture, the rht flipper was also in pretty sad shape. No matter what the game was doing, if I put a working 89 flasher into any of the problematic 4 bulb holders, it would get extremely bht and burn out in about 5 seconds. I spent about 30 minutes using "Brasso" to achieve this shiny and reflective appearance. A hole in the top of the backbox allows the piston to move an arm on a lever.

PINBALL Repair Williams System 11 Pinball 1986-1990, part.

I'm not sure what the correct term is for the plastic ramp-like upside down U that is part of the first floor on the Fire! It is constructed exactly like a ramp in other games, but it doesn't cause the ball to move up or down in elevation.

Williams fire pinball manual:

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