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PINBALL Repair Williams System 11 Pinball 1986-1990, part.

The hammer is being used to hold the parts together while the glue dries.

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More specifiy, I picked it up at the same time I got Star Trek: The Next Generation. definitely needed some love, but it sat in my garage for a year before it got any attention. that make it unique: Do you mean the one shown below? It seems the rubber was the only thing holding it together. As has been the case with other games, it turned out that all the flashers (and Fire! I applied the same ss that work on WPC pins to Fire's System 11 circuitry and discovered that transistor Q7 was bad. I'm happy to report that I was able to clean it and make it look like new. This arm tilts upward and bangs the inside of the bell. has some really large plastic buildings --- one on each side of the playfield.

<i>Williams</i> <i>Fire</i>! <i>pinball</i> machine <i>manual</i> - DragonsLairFans

Williams Fire! pinball machine manual - DragonsLairFans

I'm not sure what the correct term is for the plastic ramp-like upside down U that is part of the first floor on the Fire! It is constructed exactly like a ramp in other games, but it doesn't cause the ball to move up or down in elevation.

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I replaced this transistor and now the 4 remaining flashers work correctly. The leftmost and rhtmost plastics, in addition to having large buildings, allow the ball to roll on them and then fall into the ball lock. The first picture below shows how the rhtmost plastic piece broke into 3 separate pieces.

Williams fire pinball manual:

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