Stairville led par 64 cx-3 rgbw manual

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Video Test Involht LED Par 184 18x8w RGBW QCL - YouTube

With 144 Watts of LED power combined with outstanding colour mixing capabilities enable a strong and balanced colour display.

Bedienungsanleitung • PAR 56/64 10 MM BLACK/SILVER FLOOR.

The CX LED PAR series delivers completely new colour creations to LED spotlhts.

<i>Stairville</i> <i>LED</i> <i>PAR</i> 64 <i>CX-3</i> <i>RGBW</i> 18x8w B - Thomann Österreich

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Led par64 user manual - Venue Lhting Effects

The Multi-Chip LEDs enable a entirely new colour mixing possibilities in all ranges of visible lht.

Stairville led par 64 cx-3 rgbw manual:

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