Novation supernova 2 rack manual

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Novation SuperNova Vintage Synth Explorer

Some menus for further but essential research your sound programming will be done from the control surface is a joy.

Adidas running Supernova - Supernova Meilleur Prix.

Complete FX section: rev its own keys, ditto for deadlines and other vocoder 1 arpeggiator by The multitimbral is 16 polyphonic 24 voice expandable up to 64 voice pro version. Keyboard 61 semi wehted keys, sensitive aftertouche and velocity.

<strong>SUPERNOVA</strong> II - <strong>Novation</strong> <strong>Supernova</strong> II - Audiofanzine

Novation SuperNova II User Manual Page 40 of 148

Synth analog modulation with impressive features: 3 osc, 1 noise, possibility of 3 operators FM 2 ADSR envelopes, 2 LFO Filters 12, 18, 24 db comb filter ...

SUPERNOVA II - Novation Supernova II - Audiofanzine

Many outputs on the back of SN2 midi in, out, thru. UTILIZATION Ergonomics is the strong point of SN2: One button, one function for 95% of them.

Novation supernova 2 rack manual:

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