Luxaire heat pump installation manual

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Temperatures have been fluctuating from warm to cold on various days considering that we are moving into spring.

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The TG9S also features durable performance, according to the manufacturer, with its aluminized steel tubular heat exchangers built to resist corrosion and cracks, a heavy-duty pre-painted cabinet, built-in shutoff sensors and a shut-off main gas valve for increased safety, and a low maintenance hot-surface nition system.

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As a member of Luxaire's basic gas furnace product line, the Climasure Series, the TG9S Series is promoted by the manufacturer for providing efficient and quiet home heating.

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With all 11 models in this series standing at only 33 inches tall, this product line is desned for installation in tht spots, such as closets, attics or garages.

Luxaire heat pump installation manual:

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