Line 6 echo park delay pedal manual

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The pedals themselves are made of heavy cast metal, and their batteries can be changed without the use of tools by squeezing release buttons on the side of the pedal hinges.

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DSP engines use a lot of power, so it is more practical to run the units from an external PSU (9V 70m A): Line 6 offer an optional PSU for this purpose.

United Kingdom - <i>Line</i> 6

United Kingdom - Line 6

All the Tone Core pedals have dual input and output jacks to cater for the processing of stereo snals so they are perfectly usable in the studio, even though the effect itself is generated from a mono sum of the two inputs.

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Stomp box effects The Line 6 range of Tone Core pedals are based on dital modelling, powered by identical DSP engines within the base of the pedal, with a modular, removable control/algorithm section.

Line 6 echo park delay pedal manual:

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