Laptop motherboard fault finder repair service manual

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Laptop Chip level repairingCPU section -

I like the work and I am learning a lot but I'm probably going to lose my job soon, and I'm not sure what resources I can learn from (other techs there can't even solder... If anyone has any brht ideas about online resources I'd appreciate that too (troubleshooting laptops lead me here more often than not).

Service manuals for Sony Vaio Laptop Repair

I've replaced/re-soldered AC/audio jacks before and can strip down a laptop to diagnose components but not much beyond that (did one solder reflow in my oven).

A Guide To <em>Laptop</em> <em>Motherboard</em> <em>Repair</em> - The Windows

Laptop Motherboard / ALL Brands / No Video / No Boot /

I recently got a job (1.5weeks in) as a 'laptop/component repair tech' in a small shop and I'm in over my head.

Laptop Motherboard Diagnosis/Repair No Power

I haven't been able to find schematics for many boards either which would help (I could check the power IC possibly? If anyone here is familiar with this type of work I'd really appreciate talking you for as much as you'll have me.

Laptop motherboard fault finder repair service manual:

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