Wireless headset hs810 manual

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It supports up to eht different Bluetooth 1.1 compliant devices including Bluetooth cell phones, PDAs and computers that have either headset or hands-free profile. Though housed in 2” long plastic with silver finish on the front side, the earpiece has a large clear plastic cover, allowing the pulsing blue lht to shine through.

Motorola Wireless Headset HS810 -

This feature is desned to show other people when you are on a so they don't barge in on you while you are having a phone conversation. At the top of the clear plastic piece, you will find a small strap hole where you can connect your neck strap and wear the headset on your neck.

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Motorola Hs810 Headset Manual -

The loop hanger feels very comfortable when you wear it.

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The 1.5” long boom can be fold up when the headset is not in use.

Wireless headset hs810 manual:

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