Vortech bull install manual

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Vortech Installation Manual GM Cars

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I know Al at wynjammer makes upgraded injection systems but i don't think that he has any thing for the NNBS silverado's and sierra's I was just making a recommendation to help you look in the rht direction and meant you're probably better looking on their forums, this is a Silverado and Sierra dedicated forum of course there isn't a sub forum on here for the S-10 or Colorado.

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With that much cash invested for a turbo/S/C'ed 4.3, I would lean towards finding a crashed 6.2 truck and trying to swap that in and it has boosted options already.^ Agreed.

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I think most of the turbos and superchargers for the modern 4.3 are going to be a custom set up which will get expensive fast for custom parts.

Vortech bull install manual:

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