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You could try looking here i know a lot of people rave about this guy on the s10 forum.. issue that the 4.3 has is the fuel system and the lack of upgrades for it now the stock fuel system should be able to support about 5-6 psi if you are careful and don't run it all that much but you do run the risk of running it lean on the stock fuel injection system.

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Even just plunking down $1000 for a used stock 5.3L at the junkyard would result in 2x the motor the 4.3 is.

Vortex Spray on Liners Nothing Protects like

With that much cash invested for a turbo/S/C'ed 4.3, I would lean towards finding a crashed 6.2 truck and trying to swap that in and it has boosted options already.^ Agreed.

Vortech bull install manual:

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