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I would've made all available, but that disables use of the hotkeys.- Discipline costs have been altered as follows: Animalism - Levels 3-4 cost 1, levels 1, 2, and 5 have no cost. Basiy this means you'll see the named clan's info and clan symbol instead of the clan it should be, and the game will use that clan's auto-level template. All the other attributes will be the correct attributes.

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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Installation-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Make sure you have the official version 1.2 patch installed (D2D and Steam versions of the game come with it pre-installed). Once the Discipline ends (within ~9 seconds), the buffer will be removed and you'll be left with your newly healed Heath Level, minus any damage you took while the buffer was in place.

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If you don't like the models I chose for the Female versions of the new clans, the orinal versions I used can be found in the backup folder.----------------------------------------Installing Multiple Mods----------------------------------------Recommended Order:1. Official 1.2 Patch (D2D and Steam versions of the game come with this already installed)3. Dominate - Levels 1, 2, and 4 have no cost, levels 3 and 5 cost 1. Here is what each key on your numpad does:"-" : Zoom Out" " : Zoom In"Del" : Take a screenshot"0" : Pause the game"1" : 45 degrees "2" : Normal view (0 degrees)"3" : 315 degrees "4" : 90 decrees "6" : 270 degrees "7" : 135 degrees"8" : Front view (180 degrees)"9" : 225 degrees-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Clan Add-on Information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------The new clans can be chosen by either answering the questions, or by using the menu system.

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Most of the changes in here are relatively minor:- All clans now start with the ability to buy one of either Celerity, Fortitude, or Potence (depending on clan) if they couldn't buy those Disciplines before. The clan name following the "Affected by Template Issue" section indicates which clan is currently overriding it.

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