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Bose The Wave

It's a tht fit and there's not much clearance, but if you lift the cover straht up, you'll be fine. Reassembled the Bose, and tried another CD(orinal ruined).


Use extra hands or a prop to keep it open this amount.5.

The <u>Bose</u> <u>Wave</u> <u>Radio</u>

What Is A Radio Wave

If you have a cd or two stuck in your Bose wave radio, here's how to remove it and save yourself $99.

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Pinch the rim(s) of the cd(s) and gently pull it/them out.7. However, after I closed the player, it won't take cd's at all anymore; feels like the cd's metal housing box is too low, and the "clips" won't open for my cd to go in. After removing the five screws, flip the device rht side up, then simply lift the cover off. CD tray came to life, and I was able to remove the disc.. My daughter got her Bose for a graduation present from her fav.

User manual for bose wave radio:

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