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Trex 450 SE V2 how to build the kit. -

I noticed that there were a few differences between the Trex 450SE v2 Manual that you have listed and the one that I received in my box I received last week. I've scanned the Parts Section of the Manual which included a page that give measurements to the Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Ball Bearings, Shaft Sizes ETC,... Download PDF File Below: (Trex 450SE v2 June 2007 Parts Manual PDF Format HI-Rez) CNH A. Has anyone got a copy that I could have or could someone tell me which is the nearest variant?


On my last page it shows and gives the bolts, nuts, shaft, bearing dimensions.

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I'm a newbie and just purchased an RC-TEK Diablo, which comes without a manual (RC-TEK keeps saying that they're working on one).

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Aln Trex 450 Sport Manual (46 Megs) Here is the Tr50 Pro manual Aln Trex 450 Pro Manual (8 Megs) Here is the V2 Manual in PDF Hh Resolution 20 megs Aln SE Version 2 PDF Manual Hh Rez (20 Megs) Here is the V1 / 1.5 manual Aln SE Version 1 / 1.5 PDF Manual Hh Rez (4.5 Megs) Here is the SA Arf manual (Thanks to HF user Stockracing for providing this) Aln SA ARF PDF Manual Hh Rez (4.5 Megs) Here is the Tr50 XL HDE manual Aln Trex 450 XL HDE Manual (9 Megs) Here is the Tr50 XL CDE (CCPM) manual Aln Trex 450 CDE Manual (16 Megs) Bob Thanks for posting these.

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