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I noticed that there were a few differences between the Trex 450SE v2 Manual that you have listed and the one that I received in my box I received last week. I've scanned the Parts Section of the Manual which included a page that give measurements to the Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Ball Bearings, Shaft Sizes ETC,... Download PDF File Below: (Trex 450SE v2 June 2007 Parts Manual PDF Format HI-Rez) CNH A. Has anyone got a copy that I could have or could someone tell me which is the nearest variant?

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On my last page it shows and gives the bolts, nuts, shaft, bearing dimensions.

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However, since the Diablo is derived from the T-Rex 450, I can find a lot of pertinent information in these manuals. it is missing numerous pages and the diagrams are not the same part # to diagram key as the orinal manual... I already have the JR package ( 285 3400G) but the ambuity is murdlerizing me.

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Is it possible to get a up-to-date manual for the TREX 450 v2... (not a b deal, but makes refrencing the hardcopy manual with someone looking at it online impossible)Got a REAL SOLID REASON to recomment either JR285 s OR HS65 MG ?????????????????????? It seems there is a 50/50% selectivity split between the two. Spent a bunch on the rest of the stuff (top end , all the rest ) Any offers ? I just bought a Trex 450SE v2 last week or so but my manual is a little different than what is posted.

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