Merkury bluetooth headphones manual

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How do I pair my Bluetooth headset to my phone?

If the connection / disconnection cycle has already occurred, disconnect (un-pair) the phone from the car kit and reconnect again.

Support - Merkury Innovations

Do not nore or reject the request - it may cause the car kit to disconnect and try to reestablish a connection.

Why a <u>Bluetooth</u> Headset Is Unable to Connect

Why a Bluetooth Headset Is Unable to Connect

If your device is not connecting to the Bluetooth accessory, it is recommended that you try to reset the Bluetooth device. During the Bluetooth pairing/connection process, some car kits will require you to accept the PBAP and MAP notifications to successfully establish a connection.

Merkury Innovations Headphones Product Support

To manually reconnect the phone with a paired Bluetooth device, select the device name in the Bluetooth Devices list (see above).

Merkury bluetooth headphones manual:

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