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Toyota Corolla Workshop Service and Repair

If the car is new, I'd lean to the tire balance, mounting issue, or pressures being off.

Toyoland - Toyota Corolla common repairs

Failure to start due to your inability to turn the nition key may be caused by the steering wheel lock.

<i>Toyota</i> Corolla Workshop & Owners <i>Manual</i> Free

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A second-generation shock-strut assembly may be installed in prior-to-1999 Corollas.

A strut brace is now available as factory-installed equipment on Scions. Normally, tire imbalance gets worse with increasing speed, but low speed steering wheel vibrations and shimmies can be cause by a bent wheel, unusal out of balance condition of tire/wheel, tire pressure imbalance, worn suspension, worn brake components, worn steering components, loose wheel.

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