Financial management training manual for ngos

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Tools and Solutions CS&A has developed a number of unique tools and solutions to help prevent, prepare for and manage crises more effectively.

Chapter 4 Managing finances - Progressio

With over 25 years’ experience in risk and crisis management, Caroline is recognized as a leader in her profession and acknowledged for her ability to provide customized, results-driven counsel at the hhest level.

Practical guideline on sound <em>financial</em> <em>management</em> - Cooperation.

Financial Management Manual - OrgWise

In addition, via our selected preferred partners, we offer BIA (Business Impact Analysis) and BCP tools, as well as a crisis mass alert and notification system. Caroline Sapriel is the founder and Managing Partner of CS&A, a specialist risk and crisis and business continuity management consulting firm with offices in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, Singapore, and the United States.

Practical guideline on sound financial management - Cooperation.

Her multi-disciplinary background and experience has enabled her to provide clients with an in-depth analysis of their crisis management capability as well as help them develop effective risk and crisis response organizations and stakeholder and reputation management strategies.

Financial management training manual for ngos:

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