Canon p23-dh ii user manual

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Instructions for the Canon P26-DH II -

Aln the negative end of the battery with the negative contact inside the battery chamber, using the (-) marker as a guide. Grasp and hold the left side of the ink roller labeled "Pull Up." Raise the ink roller to remove it from the calculator. Make sure that you insert it with the "Pull Up" label on the left side. Replace the printer cover and slide it back into place. Insert the cut end of the paper roll into the paper slot on the back of the calculator.

Printing Calculators P23-DH V Canon

You can use it to fure time-based calculations like fees, wages and profit margins.

Product <u>Manual</u>

Canon P23-DH V PDF Owner's Manual

Raise the paper arm on the left side of the calculator. Slide the power switch to the "Power On/Printer On" position.

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Insert each of the four AA batteries into the battery chamber. Slide the printer cover in the direction indicated by the arrow to remove it. Begin at the left side of the paper and cut upward at a 45-degree angle.

Canon p23-dh ii user manual:

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