Casio 1174 cmd-40 manual

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Vintage Casio Watches Battery Information -

Note that this guy doesn't keep any information in his Databank either. I will not be held responsible for you breaking your watch because you followed some instructions someone posted on the internet. Toss aside your warranty, grab your jeweler's screwdriver, and unscrew the four tiny screws on the back.

Replacing the battery in a Casio Databank 150 watch

Everyone now uses their phone for all these functions.] Like many self-respecting technology professionals, I wear a Casio Databank watch. And when the battery conks out, you'd think that it was time to visit the local jeweler's or K-Mart service desk to get the battery replaced. " Clearly they have been advised by legal personnel of the ramifications of losing the customer's data.

Operation Guide <b>1174</b> - Dital Watch Library

CASIO - CMD-40 - Calculator - Vintage

Those teeny keys are just too small to work with, and it doesn't sync with my computer's address book.


You can do this, but only do it to watch the look of horror that appears when you hand them the Databank. However, like many self-respecting technology professionals, I don't actually keep any information in my Databank.

Casio 1174 cmd-40 manual:

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