Casio 1174 cmd-40 manual

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Those teeny keys are just too small to work with, and it doesn't sync with my computer's address book.


[Update February, 2013: It's amazing how things have changed in a few short years.

<em>Casio</em> Databank Dital Unisex Watches eBay

Operation Guide 1174 - Dital Watch Library

What I find handy is the calculator function, which has proven useful on many occasions.

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Everyone now uses their phone for all these functions.] Like many self-respecting technology professionals, I wear a Casio Databank watch. And when the battery conks out, you'd think that it was time to visit the local jeweler's or K-Mart service desk to get the battery replaced. " Clearly they have been advised by legal personnel of the ramifications of losing the customer's data.

Casio 1174 cmd-40 manual:

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