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3.1 The prehistory of colonialism, dispossession and segregation 3.2 The history of the ANC to 1960 3.3 Just struggle in the international context 3.4 Apartheid and human rhts 3.5 Apartheid human rhts violations in an international context 4.1 The post-1948 legislative programme of apartheid 4.2 The repressive apartheid security state, 1960-1974 4.3 The institutional violence and social consequences of apartheid 4.4 Judiciary and other forms of repression 4.5 Forced removals and forced incorporation 4.6 Mass repression by the regime in response to mass protests against apartheid 4.7 The heht of apartheid repression 4.8 Apartheid and the destabilisation of Southern African countries in the 1980s 4.9 Covert action and state sanctioned gross violations of human rhts in the negotiations era of the 1990s 5.1 New forms of struggle after Sharpeville and the banning of opposition s (1960-1969) 5.2 A changing scenario and new challenges (1969-1979) 5.3 Towards "People's War" and "People's Power" (1979-1990) 5.4 The ANC and internal revolt: The role of the Mass Democratic Movement in the 1980s 6.1 The approach, standards and conduct of the ANC in relation to human rhts 6.2 Armed operations and civilian casualties 6.3 Excesses in relation to state agents 6.4 ANC members who died in exile 6.5 The Mass Democratic Movement and excesses in the mass revolt of the 1980s [This summary serves merely to identify the primary issues in the submission and should not detract from the matters raised in the main document] The ANC supports the work of the TRC.

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In 1948, the National Party came to power and between 19, legislation was introduced to give material meaning to previous racial segregation and discrimination, to limit civil liberties and to suppress political dissent.

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How to tell when your Seiko watch was

2.1 COLONIALISM AND RESISTANCE TO 1960 The process of colonial conquest lasted over two centuries, culminating in the formation of the racially-exclusive Union of South Africa.

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Formed in 1912, South Africa's oldest national political organisation, the African National Congress' core principles were to promote unity, counter racism and work towards equal rhts for all South Africans.

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