Manual pumping breast milk tips

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Expressing milk using a breast pump NCT

They are more expensive than hand pumps, and the batteries run down quickly, but they are usually less tiring to use than hand pumps.

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Breast pumps are useful when you need to give your baby milk in a bottle or cup but want to continue breastfeeding. How to use a manual breast pump: Hand-operated pumps are easier to use for expressing breast milk when your breasts are full than when they are soft. Most have ‘flanges’ which go over your nipple and areola and fit the breast, drawing the milk out by suction and collecting it in a bottle-shaped container.

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To Pump More Milk, Use Hands-On Pumping

'Double pumping'There’s some evidence that double breast pumps - electric pumps which allow both breasts to be pumped at once - can be good at saving time and at stimulating the breasts more effectively.

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Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Some women find they’re successful with one type of pump and not with others.

Manual pumping breast milk tips:

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