E36 auto to manual swap wiring

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( I gave a person 300$ online to send me a transmission and he stole my money, which was a huge draw back for me; Also the other two transmissions were broken... So I'll be ordering a new ZF transmission instead pretty soon.)So when my transmission broke on the hhway at 3 am in the morning I had to leave it till the morning to get someone I knew to tow it for cheap. I then got it towed to my uncles shop and started working on it in the parking lot because they were always busy, and I couldn't get it on the lifts over weekdays.


So much for following BMW's "life time" auto transmission service also have to r the park/neutral switch from the automatic transmission and the lht on the cluster for trans failure has to be removed. the way you r the park/neutral "switch" is by (IIRC) connecting pin numbers 5 & 7 together. The swap was semi-easy, just make sure you dont strip ANY bolts.

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E36 auto to manual swap, is there any wiring to be done? HELP.

But when I went to get it the State Troopers took my car... All can be disconnected, the harnesses that connects to the auto shifter.

DIY **The New Unofficial Auto ---- 5 speed swap** Lots of.

Clutch, Pressure plate, Flywheel, Shifter Linkage, All the Required bushing, new transmission bolts, master cylinder, etc.

E36 auto to manual swap wiring:

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