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Using the calculator successfully is a matter of following some simple steps. Press "Mode" and "1" to enter Basic Arithmetic calculations ed "COMP;" press "Mode" and "2" to perform Standard Deviation, ed "SD;" press "Mode" and "3" to perform Regression calculations, ed "REG." For this example, choose COMP. Calculate 12% of 1,500 by entering "1,500" on the numerical keypad, followed by the multiplication button and "12" on the numerical keypad. Enter "55" and the "M " button -- in SD mode the "M " key functions as the "DT" key. Enter "51" and "DT," then "55" and "DT," then "53" and "DT; enter "DT" again to include 53 twice, enter "54" and "DT" and "52" and "DT."Press "Shift," "S-VAR," "3" and the "Equals" button to perform the Simple Standard Deviation calculation. Press "Shift," "S-VAR," "2" and the "Equals" button to perform the Population Standard Deviation calculation. Calculate the Arithmetic Mean by pressing "Shift," "S-VAR," "1" and the "Equals" button. Patrick Nelson has been a professional writer since 1992.

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It can also perform statistical calculations like finding standard deviation. Calculate Sample Standard Deviation, Population Standard Deviation and Arithmetic Mean for a series of numbers.

Casio fx-300ms manual instructions:

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