Bosch axxis stackable washer and dryer manual

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It won’t totally wash out of your washer, nor your clothing.

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I suppose I was told pretty much exactly what I thought I’d be told, but it was nice to hear it from someone else. Bosch says that when they receive customer complaints about mold, it’s usually because of the consumer using too much detergent, and not the fault of the machine.

How to Remove a <strong>Bosch</strong> <strong>Axxis</strong> <strong>Dryer</strong> from the <strong>Washer</strong>

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In the application of a front loading laundry machine, it certainly is not.

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Because front loaders are so water efficient, if you overload your laundry with detergent, it’s not going to wash out.

Bosch axxis stackable washer and dryer manual:

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