2011 kawasaki versys owners manual pdf

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I guess I should have posted this as another member asked on Feb5,2017, I responded with a PM and link, not sure why so many manuals on Ebay, one thing to be aware of, is several sellers mask their add pretty good , the fact being they have a PDF version or CD, look real close, also the cost of the manual will be minor compared to shipping costs,so here is my link from the 5 Since we are talking paper manuals, some more detail.

Kawasaki Versys Owners Manual Pdf - bsepn.us

Versys service manual | e Bay source for the 2015/16 Versys 650 service manual in PDF?

Owner's <em>Manuals</em> & Service <em>Manuals</em>

Kawasaki Versys Manual - dyfau.us

The MK-1 is shown as 07-08 when it really is 07 to 09, paper manual ordered for a 09 from Kawasaki would show 07-09, they aren't going to reprint just for a date change.

Owner's Manuals & Service Manuals

MK-2 is 10 to 14 and MK-3 is 15/16, I don't know if Kawasaki will reprint or just come out with a addendum on the changes, or a updated manual on the changes of the 2017.

2011 kawasaki versys owners manual pdf:

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