Wildlife management techniques manual 7th edition

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Rocket nets and cannon nets are types of animal traps used to trap a large number of live animals, usually birds, but they also have been used to catch large animals such as various species of deer.

Council of Scientists — The North American Grouse Partnership

The net can be placed directly on the ground in a line or can be folded and placed in a specially desned box (Grubb 1988).

Comparison of Three ques to Identify and Count Individual.

The Wildlife ques Manual Volume 1 Research. Volume 2.

The rocket charges are made from black powder and an electric match enclosed that is used to nite M6 Howitzer propellant.

Trapping at roosts—estimating population size v1.0 - Department of.

The rockets are constructed from heavy gauge metal pipes with caps threaded and welded on one end with a removable cap on the opposite end that contains ports for the expanding gasses to escape.

Wildlife management techniques manual 7th edition:

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