Wildlife management techniques manual 7th edition

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Rocket nets, cannon nets, and other net launching devices are built upon similar principles have been used since the 1950s (Dill and Thornsberry 1950, Hawkins et al. The Rocket Net consists of an accordion folded rectangular net with one edge attached to the ground by short ropes or shock cords.

The Wildlife ques Manual Volume 1 Research. Volume 2.

The rockets are constructed from heavy gauge metal pipes with caps threaded and welded on one end with a removable cap on the opposite end that contains ports for the expanding gasses to escape.

Rocket net - pedia

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Rocket nets and cannon nets are types of animal traps used to trap a large number of live animals, usually birds, but they also have been used to catch large animals such as various species of deer.

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All 3 components are enclosed in a larger plastic bag with shunted leg wires extending out of the bag.

Wildlife management techniques manual 7th edition:

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