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Front-loading automatic washer -

Remove the three screws on the back of the washer that hold the top on. Remove the soap dispensor and remove the screw inside the hole, see "B" in the photo. Once the screw behind the soap despensor has been removed it just unclips at the top. Next close the door and remove the four screws (one at each corner, B) that hold the bulkhead on.

Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer Service Manual.

This is the main seal between the front bulkhead and the outer tub. Next you will have to remove the three (1,2,3) door switch screws. It is held on with three (A) screws on the bottom of the washer.

<i>Whirlpool</i> <i>Duet</i> & <i>Whirlpool</i> <i>Duet</i> <i>Sport</i> Dryer - Repair <i>Manual</i>.

Whirlpool duet sport F21 error code fix - YouTube

You may need to use a flate blade screwdrive to help you remove it. Once you have the buldhead removed all that is left to do is remove the rear bellow clamp.

Whirlpool duet washer - Service Manual free download,schematics.

This is a easy repair and should take about a half hour to a hour if you have never installed one before. Peel the font of the bellows off of the washer and fold it into the tub.

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