Viper 350hv programming manual

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Viper 350hv Manual Install - varegin.files.

I enter the programing mode and everything and even tried to set the remotes back to default by pressing the valet button 8 times and hold on the 9th time and the LED lht blinks 8 times and i press the lock and unlock button and the LED will flash 8 times but then thats all i get before it exites out of the programing mode.

Viper 5000 Installation Manual - zeytcomlolu

I tried to delete all remotes and everything but no luck.

<b>Viper</b> <b>350hv</b> Security Alarm Vehicles

Viper 350HV_N426V_07-04 -

I have the manual for it and did everything i can think of from pulling the power fuse, disconnect the brain all together for 5, 10 minutes even over nht and even days and no luck.

Viper 350hv Security Alarm Vehicles

I did all the steps correctly to reprogram them, but it just wont reprogram the remotes at all.

Viper 350hv programming manual:

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