Tascam dat recorder manual

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It's the perfect set-up for recording interviews, gathering Foley FX, or just recording no matter where you mht be.

Recording Tricks Tascam DA-30,

For a professional and durable DAT recorder that can go where you go, the Tascam DAP1 has all the features you need and then some.

<b>Tascam</b> Da-P1 cleaning & checking - YouTube

Tascam DA-30MKII DAT Recorder

Of course it can handle recording and playback at 48, 44.1, or 32 k Hz.

Tascam DAP1 Portable DAT Recorder

Tascam's DAP1 is a sturdy portable DAT deck with a feature set you'd expect to find in a full-sized studio centerpiece.

Tascam dat recorder manual:

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