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Saskatchewan Air Brake Practical Test Video

Pump brakes until pressure drops below 100 psi to make sure governor cuts compressor on. Engine off / Brakes off do not touch brakes watch gauges to make sure pressure does not drop more than 3 psi in one minute. Press and hold brake pedal watch gauges to make sure pressure does not drop more than 4 psi in one minute. Turn key on / Engine off / Brakes off pump brake until pressure drops to 60 psi warning buzzer should sound at or before 60 psi. Continue pumping brakes until reaching 20 to 40 psi Emergency (red) and Service (yellow) brake valves should pop out turning brakes on. Rebuild air pressure in tank hold accelerator at 1500 RPM. It is your responsibility to make sure it is repaired by a mechanic. Another 8 Step Method is also recommended for testing air brakes during a Ss Test for the CDL: #Step 1- Examine all equipment when testing air brakes, including drums and discs, hoses and chambers, slack adjusters and actuators, relay valves, tanks, pipes and fittings.

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Brakes off means the yellow and/or red valve is pushed in (on = valve out). Engine on / Brakes on check gauges to make sure governor cuts compressor off at 120 psi. If there is a problem discovered while testing the Air Brakes, do not drive the vehicle.

Saskatchewan <u>Air</u> <u>Brake</u> Practical Test Video

SGI - Air Brake Manual

Many customers who come to us for help with their written test (knowledge exam) have come back to us for help on preparing for, and passing, the drivers road test on the first try. Below, you will find a useful collection of drivers licence and air brake videos that provide you with insht and ques, which when reviewed & practiced, will help permit a first time pass of your road test.

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Check the Air Brake System The Seven-Step Air Brake check -DO THIS AT PRETRIP INSPECTION when performing the Ss Test portion of the CDL exam. Test service brake by accelerating to 5mph and pressing brake pedal.

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