Radio shack indoor outdoor thermometer manual

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The weather station has sensors for determining local temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, ambient lht, and ambient static charge. The prior art has suggested a number of weather analysis and warning systems. In particular, the communications apparatus of the novel weather station is compatible with different international cellular protocols, so that data corresponding to distant weather conditions is obtained by receiving distant local weather condition broadcasts.

Wireless Indoor/ Outdoor Thermometer - RadioShack

Operating commands, predicted local weather conditions, and remote weather conditions are annunciated in synthesized voice in any one of a variety of predetermined languages. A receiver section includes cellular circuitry enabling communications with the external world.

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Radio Shack Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Manual -

A microprocessor has memory for storing data relating to past weather conditions and data processing apparatus and algorithms for determining probable developing weather conditions responsive to sensed local conditions. The actual apparatus is quite compact, and comprises two separably connected sections.

Radio Shack Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Manual -

A compact, portable weather station for predicting local extreme weather conditions and for reporting remote weather conditions. Aircraft may be rerouted or their departures and landings postponed if snificant threats from weather are identified. Apparatus and method for identifying tornadoes are set forth in U. These conditions may then be analyzed by a data processor integral with the weather station to predict imminent weather conditions.

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