Palm zire 72 owners manual

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If you are not using Fedora Core 2, these instructions / files may not work, but please let me know if they do.

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There are many similar HOWTO's on the net, however, I will endeavour to provide a set of files that can be downloaded, including an init script that allows the service to appear in the Fedora Core Services (System Settings - Services in the Gnome Menu).

<em>Palm</em> <em>Manual</em> <em>Palm</em> User and Service Guide - Easy Help Guide

Palm Manual Palm User and Service Guide - Easy Help Guide

I will post links to pages for the initial setup later.

Patent US8953780 - Portable electronic device - Google Patents

* Also, this setup is NOT guaranteed to be secure and should only be used in a relatively secure physical environment where others aren't likely to have physical access to the bluetooth connection (e.g. Please be aware that bluetooth confuration seems to be hy dependent on the Linux distribution / you are using.

Palm zire 72 owners manual:

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