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I could suggest that maybe Merc wants to wear out all the 2S motors and move everyone to new 4S engines.....

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This is the information from the Mercury operation manual for the 9.9 (and other 2-cycles as well): NEW ENGINE GASOLINE/OIL BREAK-IN MIXTURE Use a 25:1 (4%) gasoline/oil mixture in the first tank of fuel.

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To provide additional protection for commercially used products, a 50:1 (2%) gasoline/oil mixture is recommended. I've always used 50:1..I'm surprised at the change to 100:1, since my factory shop manual for the 9.9 and 15's, circa 2006, makes no mention of anything other than 50:1 after break in, and 25:1 for break in with the first tank of gas.

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Mod=4&lang=EN&categories=OUTBOARD$2002$2-Stroke$ Doug Staylor: Those links are the ones where I found the 100:1 advice.

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