Jaguar that run swap manual

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They were one of the first companies doing this and offered the conversion in "kit" form for the do-it yourselfer.

S-10 V8 Engine Swaps, V8 Engine for S10 -

Other companies sell more complete kits which are similar to the orinal Scarab." "The Scarab was a well desned and very thorough conversion and most kits are still based on the Scarab.

V8 conversion <strong>manuals</strong>, parts for V8 S10, Datzun Z, <strong>Jaguar</strong>, Chevy.

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Some Chevrolet items to come out in the 1980's which make for a better, easier and less costly conversion are: 1. JTR offers a conversion kit claimed to improve upon the Scarab, largely by setting the engine back.] Scarab was a small company located in California's Silicon Valley who did these conversions for customers on *their* cars or on cars they purchased on the used market for a re-work (in which case, they did sell some "turn-key" cars).

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"A company named 'Scarab' made the first popular V-8 conversion kits for the Datsun Z. Hooker Headers still sells Scarab-style motor mounts, transmission cross-members and headers.

Jaguar that run swap manual:

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